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The Ultimate Feature

Journal Entry: Fri May 21, 2010, 5:40 PM
Hi, I will no longer be using this account, if you would like me to friend you with my other account, please comment, I am trying to avoid being found by my family again. Thank you.

And thank you to all the great artists that make my day, each and every day. ^-^

:thumb164623352: Waiting... by ldontheedge The Magic of Flight by ldontheedge Jeans by ldontheedge Danger 1 by ultimaSPUD Alleyways Series 03 by GestianPoet21 Alleyways Series 02 by GestianPoet21 Megan by captg Shameless Innocence 2 by ldontheedge super cool glasses by AkiTaranai :thumb145510361: Hong Kong - Ghost Bus by xMEGALOPOLISx :thumb137182587: dishes by Winterybreeze Quartet 4 by ldontheedge Spiral Recursion v2 by DGolden Spring Forsythia by GestianPoet21 Lonely Bicycle by ldontheedge Honey Brown Eyes MAIN by HGriffin :thumb158184315: rescued treasures by LifeLookedEasyOnTV :Something there: by Lil-Kute-Dream Sleeping School Buses by ldontheedge Sleeping School Buses 2 by ldontheedge iGIR by firestar21 EXPLOSION OF NICKTOONS by firestar21 Certain as the Sun by Ninja-Chic The Grapes of Wrath 3 by Swolf330 aztec constuction by thegherkin Fogg's Asylum by Froggy-Spaztastic God That's Good by Froggy-Spaztastic Tempest - Ariel Masque by HGriffin The Tempest MAIN by HGriffin The Rivalry - CAD by zapfino :thumb157899866: cue, go by intoxxicating Orange Lighting State by bigbird363 Blue Lighting State by bigbird363 'Hello, Dolly' Light Design by DGolden March of La Mancha by Minniemohner WICKED : A New Musical . . . by ronnieBEe The Beast by Destinyfall A Sweet Far Breeze by GestianPoet21 Prague by O-Renzo :thumb158185312: It's in my every glance by ArielVanDeKamp Little Mermaid: Eric and Ariel by PaleScarlet Cinderella Pin-Up Style by madmoiselleclau skinny jeans by DonMcMojo :thumb135483531: Infinity 2- Spring by GestianPoet21 Fish in the Sea by azuzephre :thumb115171451: :thumb103451353: we will destroy this world. by ecta Infinity by GestianPoet21 35. Hold my hand by becauseIRnutty Gaston by suburbanbeatnik :thumb133320369: beauty and the beast by Diablera Geek World by sabillus Let It Consume You by xXIsolation-TheoryXx Tare Panda Cake by KralleCakes Disney Girls Cosplay by tabeck Canon Cake by Verusca Glove Babies -Please read- by Leimanas Love is... by Bunnis Swing Dancers by andricongirl


Journal Entry: Wed May 12, 2010, 1:55 PM

Okay, so I haven't actually updated you on me in a while. This is due to some... stalking... of my deviantart page, by some of my family. Yea, I know this is an open website and you shouldn't put anything up that you don't want people to know yadda yadda yadda. But that is exactly why I use an alias. Anyways, I haven't seen this relative since I was a very little girl and I have no interest in knowing her now. If I wanted that side of my family to know my life, I would have told them, but I don't and that's why they feel like they need to snoop around on my dA page. I don't like it, and I really wish they would stop *hinthint*. *sigh* (I just typed a bunch of information about my recent life, but decided to delete it due to the above issue. Since the people who read my journal regularly are those who I talk to in real life, I can tell them in person, because it just isn't worth it.)

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun May 2, 2010, 7:05 PM
note me

This is going to sound weird, but I am so happy to be exhausted right now! I have had such a great weekend and I don't want it to end! This has been my crazy awesome schedule:

8pm-8:30am Sleepover of epic-ness

10:30am-12:30pm AP World History review
1pm-2pm SAT prep homework
2pm-4:30pm SAT Prep class
4:30pm-6pm Homework
7:30pm- 9:30pm Hunk of Love event

up at 7am
8:30am-12:30pm JDRF walk
1:30pm-3:00pm Math project and more homework
4pm-8:30pm SAT Practice Test number two
...and now it is now

10am-3pm APWH Review
3pm - ? hang out with friends, do homework, and catch up on some sleep.

I should be heading up to bed right now, but I'm distracted by my iPod, this month's Dramatics magazine, and about three books that I am reading, so it doesn't look like I'm going to end up sleeping very much tonight. It may or may not be worth it. I'll let 'cha know. ;) Oh! Another distraction! Haha, facebook chat. :) Okay, so is it just me, or does anyone else feel special in some way when someone starts a chat, calls you, and texts you? Cuz, I totally feel special when someone wants to talk to me. I feel like a stalker when I start the conversations, but I love it when someone else initiates.

This is getting weird. Nevermind.
I. Am. So. Tired.
Everything is funny when I'm tired.
AP review is going to be fun..
Teacher: "And the Mongols, they sacked Russia and demolished their villages by setting them on fire and killing every last soul."
Me: "HAHAHAHAHAH!!! that's great, that is really great! :) "

I have already been writing this journal for 20 minutes.
So many distractions!

Is this not the most random thing you have ever read?

Well, I'm going to bed now.
but my house is really hot.
damn you hottness! You shall be keeping me up!

there are so many hand flips in this journal entry, it's not even funny.

Good night.
*falls off chair*

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 22, 2010, 8:14 AM
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lumpy mattresses
late nights
human vs. zombie battles
salty food
interesting uses of duct tape

yup... I'm at college. I'm not going to tell you which college, because I don't want any creepers. :D
So what am I doing at college? I'm killing two birds with one stone: visiting my older sister and visiting the college to see if I may want to apply here. So far I have learned many things:
(1) when I do get to college, it is going to take me long time to adjust... especially my sleep schedule.
(2) I will need to bring my own mattress, because right now, my back is... blah... ow...
(3) I will need to find a way to make my own food, because I am not used to the excessive salt use in food.
(4) colored duct tape is a must

Yup, there are many more, but eh, I don't wanna list anymore.
So, today, I am going to a stage makeup class with my older sister then I am going to help with a small student run play. The director said that they need help with props so I'll Probably help with that, and hopefully I will be able to talk with the tech crew. Here the tech crew does tech for EVERYTHING. Rock concerts, plays, comedians, movie nights, etc. Best college job ever! (That is one of the reasons I am considering this college, among more.) So yea, that should be a a great experience.
As for college preparation, I'm taking a SAT prep online course, and I had my first practice test the other day and finally got my grade back. Overall I got a 1620, so I'm pretty confident that I can raise it a good 300 points. (That's my goal anyways.)

Okay, well, my rant is done. Nearly two years until college. Sadly (and happily), those two years will go by very fast. Hopefully, I will still be writing journals on here, so we can see how my thinking has changed.

Adios for now,


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 20, 2010, 11:05 AM
In case you didn't notice, I went through my deviations today and deleted many of them one by one. I feel like my life is cluttered. There are people, memories, photographs, drawings, poems, etc that just take up space and complicate my life. So, I have decided to... get rid of it.
The people who have hurt me, more than I thought I could ever be hurt, will begin to see a change in the words spoken from me to them, because I don't need the stress of trying to fix relationships anymore. I have spent 11 years of my life trying to forgive and forget, but once I do, I just get hurt worse. So I have learned my lessons and am moving on.
I have 115 deviations left. Those are the ones that I feel good about. I still may delete more, but I'm done for now. The memories that came with those have been buried.
On another note, I'd like to say thank you to those who have helped me and who have taught me, and especially those who have cared. No one who reads this journal is going to get deleted from my life, but instead thanked.

Thank you

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Rant and Worried Sister

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 15, 2010, 4:54 PM
Grab a can today!

Do you have the time
To listen to me whine
About nothing and everything
All at once
I am one of those
Melodramatic fools
Neurotic to the bone
No doubt about it

I believe I have solved the mystery of why I don't understand people my age.
It's always this girl is ignoring me, or this boy is mad at me, or this girl thinks shes the leader, but no one cares or wants to listen to her.
I. Don't. Understand.
I really don't. I don't understand how one friend (x) can be telling me that friend Y is ignoring them, but three hours later, friend Y says that friend X is ignoring her! Dammit Girls! If you would just talk, then the problem would be solved!
I suppose I'm being a little dramatic (kinda ironic, eh?) but I have told them both that they need to talk, but they just keep complaining about how the other one is ignoring them!!!

You see, this is why I get along with guys way easier then girls. Yes, I have some girl friends, but many of them annoy me so.

In other news, my little sister is dating a man whore who pushed all of his previous girlfriends into stuff... and she doesn't have the courage to say 'No.' You see, she isn't even supposed to be dating, yet this is her third boyfriend (she is freshman in high school). I'm really worried, because she has heard from multiple people (he has dated A LOT of girls) of what he does, and she still has a lovesick smirk on her face when he is mentioned. She id totally blinded by the fact that he gives her attention all the freaking time. I have tried talking to her, but nothing gets through. I'm really worried.

I'm really tired, and I'm kinda of sick of people in general, so this weekend I will probably be sitting up in my room reading and working on my set designs. Well, unless a certain group of people *coughcough* decide when to go on a photowalk *coughcough*.


Okay, goodbye now,
Love you all,

Featured Art

Considering this Whoopass CSS has a Campbell's can theme, we figured we would feature some artwork with the Campbell's Soup as the subject. Of course, without Mr. Warhol's iconic art - would all this exist?
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Self Indulgence

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 13, 2010, 5:51 PM
:wave: Hello my fellow pixel-y friends!
I'm not sure why I started my journal like that, because this journal has a theme * le gasp* !
<drum roll> And the theme is...</drum roll>
Self Indulgence The One Act play by moonelfknight !!!
Who cares?
I care, so shut up and read. :P
I am designing the show Self Indulgence for my theater production class. I attempted writing a play myself, but failed miserably, and decided that it may make a fellow deviant's day great if they knew there was a chance that their play was going to be produced. So... I searched... and searched, and then I found it! A simple plot with a simple setting. Perfect! So far I have the costumes done, and I'm working on the set. Did you know that it is really hard to draw round tables in perspective? Yea, well, it is. Anyways, if you would like to read this script, here is a link:…

I don't really have much else to say.
Actually, I was planning on writing a letter to my father on here, so that I could get my feelings out, and he wouldn't see it, but have since decided that no one cares. Which is true. It has just been rough lately, that's all I'll say.

Oh! One more thing! If you haven't noticed, I uploaded some scans of my prints that I made. (exposed the film, developed the film, and printed the print all myself! :D ) If you don't mind, I'd like you do comment on them or give suggestions. Just remember that I will not be doing anything digital with them, but if you have an expertise in film photography, I would love your input. Even if you know nothing about film photography, I'd like you to comment too! :aww:

Okay now I'm done.

Love you all!

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OH what a glorious evening!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 1, 2010, 7:01 PM
This is what my signature was changed to:

Breakfast time for the human? :hungry:

... and I think I like it better than what I had. :) Haha

Oh, I am in such a great mood right now!! The sun is... okay, well, the sun is set, but it was really beautiful out and it was so warm, and oh... it makes me so happy. :) Other things that make me happy today too, are techie smash ball, techies in general, and NTID. Okay, you have no idea what I'm talking about unless you are Larythelovingllama, ldontheedge, or ultimaSPUD. Anyways, techies are techies and we play techie smash ball, which is kind of hard to explain, and even harder over the internet, so I'm not even going to try. As for NTID tho... I can explain that. It stands for Nation Technical Institute for the Deaf, which puts on plays where words are spoken and signed (often the words are from a character in the background). Now, this probably sounds insane, but I'm currently reading about it in the RIT university magazine, and it sounds awesome. However, right now, if I were to jump on stage and do this... it would be a very very short play about me eating food... because that is all the sign language I know. :/ I'm certainly going to be reading into this more and researching, because I think it may be something fun to learn about and to get involved with.
That's really all I wanted to say.
I'm going for my first official college visit in a few weeks, and I'm super excited!
But that is all.
Adios my dear pixelated friends,

Skin by NellyAsher
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Im'ma miss you

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 30, 2010, 3:56 PM
note me

I was always strong as long as we were a team
I crawled into somebody's heart who meant the world to me
love made me strong enough to be alone and set me free
but with my friends friends to the end is where I wanna be
with my friends friends to the end is where I wanna be
I don't need to
but I want to
sing with you
'cause I miss you
I don't need to
but I want to
sing with you
'cause I miss you

I feel like that song clearly demonstrates my feelings of the past few days. In case you didn't know, this past weekend was my high school's spring show, which is a very sad event, because it is the last show that any of us get to work with the amazing seniors! I am friends with many of these seniors on this site, and they all read my journals, so I won't go into a long, sappy, detailed journal of how much I'm going to miss working with them (I'll save that for the graduation letters, guys ;) ). I'll just say that it was very emotional. However, this year, high school theater wise, kinda sucked. It wasn't fun like it was last year or working on other shows. It was extremely stressful, exhausting, and just plain painful. I'm not sad that the actual show is over, I'm just sad that (1) the quality and fun factor of our theater is fading and (2) the seniors are leaving!! But there is more! I'm happy to be able to say that I have gained such an amazing techie family, and that I really hope that they will all stay a part of my life, because each and every one of them is amazing and I love spending time with them.
Now, I have no life. Haha... no really! I have nothing but schoolwork to do! It is kinda boring actually...
Well, I don't have very much more to say, so I shall end this journal.

Love to my dearest techies,

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Journal Entry: Sun Mar 28, 2010, 6:59 PM
I am no longer an angry techie, and so I felt I needed to update this journal. Unfortunately, I'm off to bed now, so I shall have to update you later. :D

Love ya

Design and Coding by KonekoD
Key 2 by lillyfly06-stock
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Angry Techie, Angry Techie

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 18, 2010, 5:06 PM
This is what I wrote sixth period today at school.

Wow... I'm so close to quitting. This has become bullying.
My complaints:
1. You DO NOT remove someone from a HIGH SCHOOL play, EVER!
2. You do not keep High Schoolers captive at rehearsal past the scheduled time.
3. You don't create fear in your students. If they are sick, they should be able to leave instead of sitting there in fear of getting yelled at.
4. You don't overwork your students. No one should be getting sick, hurt, or falling back on their school work.
5. Plays should be fun, not incredibly stressful.
6. Only little tiny details should be done last minute, not everything.
7. Don't call everyone to rehearsal unless they are needed, that will just lead to angry, exhausted, failing students.
8. When I say, "My mom won't let me stay that late," and you shrug and say "Oh well..." then obviously you don't care shit about what I do, and there is no reason I should be there.
9. You NEVER yell at a student, unless there is a safety issue.

This play is so aggravating, and.... grr... Can I say it? Can I say it without freaking anyone out? I won't take this crap next year. My co=worker and I have decided that if there is a winter show, we aren't doing it. I'm thinking even so for the fall show. Right now I'm double booked in the fall and will not be able to do that, so a sacrifice will have to be made. Hmm... not do the play where it's disorganized and a big bully runs it, but is 5 minutes away from my house, or do a play that is 20 minutes from my house where people are kind and organized. Hmmm... I wonder which one I'll choose. Anyways, I'm not quite in such a bad mood currently. Earlier I got to do some lighting stuff which made me incredibly happy. I just love running from place to place and focusing lights, clicking buttons, and creating an image. But most of all I like how much I learn. You may not think about it, but every word that is spoken, I remember. And when I think about how they all come together; it's like a magical explosion went off in my mind! I wish I could be a student for the rest of my life, I really do. Learning is... omg... I love it. Do you see my conflict now? Do you see it? I love doing what I do, but I don't learn if I'm stressed, exhausted, or rushing. *sigh* Well, I'm off to do more homework, get some airbourne, and get some much needed sleep.

There is more news, but who has time for all of that?

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Invisible Girl

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 14, 2010, 4:05 PM
  • Listening to: Love Never Dies
  • Reading: You can write a play
I wish I could fly
And magically appear and disappear
I wish I could fly
I'd fly far away from here
Take a look at the Invisible Girl
Here she is, clear as the day
Please look closely and find her before she fades away

*This song is from the musical Next to Normal and I was listening to it the other day, and realized that I am the invisible girl. I could pack up and move tonight and no one would notice. Perhaps once hell week began, they may start to wonder, but I highly doubt there would be a text, e-mail, god knows there would be no call. There would be an angry facebook message, that would be all. Even when I'm there; when I'm here, I remain unnoticed by the world. No one cares about what I have to say. And it kind of makes me mad, because I honestly, truly, 100%, care about other people. If I have food and someone is hungry, it becomes their food; if someone needs a place to stay or rest, even if it is 3am, there will be a bed for them to sleep in; if someone is injured, you know I will be there to lend a hand; and there is no time that I am too busy to listen or give advice. I am not a selfish person, but I'm not a push-over either. I demand respect from everyone, because I constantly prove that I am worthy. I shall not be invisible, but you won't notice anyways, so what does it matter.

(*Yes, yes, I know that there are a few people out there who will disagree with my message, but just think: What would you do if I just left? Honestly, some of you couldn't care less. I know this by the way you act around me.)

Okay, now that I finished with my personal spiel; a message to my internet peoples! My computer is fixed! I got it back on Thursday, and finally fixed the internet problem today, so once I submit this journal, I shall be submitting new photos.

Theater news:
I have declared March hell month this year, because I have just been pissed off due to the invisibility thing and stupid people, so add the last weeks before the play to that, and ta da! Hell month! Haha, so Peter Pan is the last weekend of March, and I love theater, and everything in it, but this has been way too stressful for a high school play and I will be happy when it is over. (But I'll be sad too, because it is my senior's last play *sob, sob* I will miss Larythelovingllama, ldontheedge, and all the other seniors!)

Have you heard of Love Never Dies? NO?! Are you crazy? It is the sequel to the Phantom of the Opera! It is in London right now, and I swear to freaking god, the moment it comes to the united states, my ass will be on a plane or in a car. My mom got the soundtrack which came with (believe it or not) a script [with things like Raoul is thunderstruck. He storms over to Christine.], a two disc soundtrack set, and a DVD that shows you how they did all of the set design/building, and the lighting design! So happy! So, yeah, you should get that. :)

That is all for now, I shall go make dinner now.
Thanks so reading,
Love ya,


Journal Entry: Sat Mar 6, 2010, 7:22 PM
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  • Watching: Silent Library
I have spoken with many of my friends about regrets and many if not all have been able to list off events they regret or words they regret saying. And to each of them I have said, "You're 15/16/18 years old. How could you regret so much already?" I have never gotten a clear response to my question. Now, you see, I live with no regrets. Yes, if I was able to redo my past, there are a few things I may do differently, but why dwell on the past? I'm nearly 16 and I (hopefully) have a long life ahead of me, so therefore I choose not to regret. Anyways, this made me think. There is one thing I wish I could do. It isn't a regret, just something I wish I could change. I wish I had the guts to tell people what I feel. So, here is a challege for myself, feel free to do it for yourself if you like; I shall write 10 things to people, without telling them directly. One thing I ask is that you don't try to guess who they are meant for or ask me if one is meant for you.

Commence notes:

1. I hate that you have seen me cry and seen me at my shyest. I wish you didn't have to see that, and I wish that those moments are not what you remember of me when we part.
2. I love you, but you have made me feel worse than anything else in my life. I miss who you used to be.
3. It's amazing to me how unsupportive you are of me. You need to gain some optimism in me or our relationship will be ruined forever.
4. You are absolutly amazing and I only wish that I could be half the the person you are.
5. I don't know why or how I have forgiven you, but I have so you can stop ignoring me now.
6. Don't command me to do something, cuz that just pisses me off. Ask me, then maybe I won't have so much "attitude."
7. Goodbye.
8. I cried when you left, because I didn't have anyone else and I thought I lost you too.
9. I care about you and worry everyday that you will have to sacrifice what you love, because of something stupid. I hope you feel like you can tell me anything, because I want to help you like you have helped me.
10. You smell amazing and you give great hugs. ^-^

  I could write so many more, because of all of the amazing people in my life, however, thinking of the amazing people always leads to thinking of the terrible people, and I am in no mood for crying tonight.

Anyways, my computer is still in the shop.
That is all.
My eyelids are telling me that I am tired.
Good Night.
::: Megumi :::

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 3, 2010, 7:52 AM
OMG School.
Here I am
scrolling words onto a page
they have no point
and no end
Sitting here in english
you'd think I'd be better at poetry.
Fail poem! :D
Anyways, I am in English. My Personal Project is done. Everyone else is scrambling around trying to finish it last minute.
Yup... la de da de da.
So who is excited for Alice and Wonderland?
I am.
I. don't. know. what. to. do.
hmmm... I sent my computer to the shop yesterday. Hopefully, it will be back at some point next week.
I'm sure you will know when it occurs.
ummm... What else?
I made it into my school's 2010-2011 Dance machine team. Yay!
You probably don't care about that though. :/
This journal is very random.
Kind of like the protection on this school computer.
Sometimes I can go to deviants pages, and other time I can't.
Sometimes I can type a new journal, and other times I can't.
Sometimes I "contain mature material," and sometimes I do.
Yup, quite random.
"Oh Ricky rock a rhyme, rock a ryme, it's right not time, that's tricky, that's trick, tricky, tricky, tricky..."
I have that song stuck in my head.
Cuz someone called me tricky in Chemistry today.
Hmmm... what else?
This is pointless journal, if you didn't get that before.
I have... *phone buzzes* *answers text from :devldonttheedge: ...curly hair today... and new glasses.
Yes, I just answered a text in school. Big whoop. I just answered another one. :w00t:
Idk why I just w00ted... but I did! :p
These new glasses are really cool.
They have this glare free thingy in (on?) the lens. So nice.
They are alot different from my last ones too.
I may take some pictures of me with them on... but them again I may not, cuz
(1) My glasses always create weird shadows that I don't like
(2) With my glasses on, you can't see the different colors in my eyes.
(3) I don't like taking pictures of myself.
*sigh* But when you have no other models, you gotta make do!
I feel like dancing around right now, but I think everyone would look at me weird.
Oh well, being normal is boring. Being crazy is much more fun.
Isn't that weird tho... like for me I can be super crazy... nearly insane, and other times I can be super serious and determined to reach some sort of a goal. Weird.
Does that happen to you?
Am i just making an observation of most human beings?
Have you seriously read all of this?
Wow... you have no life.
Or you are supposed to be doing homework or sleeping and just avoiding it.
Go to bed.
Oh, it's not night.
You can stay awake then.
But for those of you reading this at 12:30 at night?: go to bed!
Haha... wow... no wonder I don't want kids. I'm like a mother to my friends, AND my internet friends....
okay, class is nearly over.
Good bye all.
Love Ya

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Mon Mar 1, 2010, 8:04 PM
Hello all! Long time no... deviousness? Well, I am soooo very sorry about that! You see, my computer get nommed by multiple viruses and a worm. Lesson: Do not trust free anti-virus! Anyways, hopefully my files can be recovered. But until it comes back from the shop, I will not be able to respond, add art, or thank you for you're favourites and such. (The only way I can do this is I found out how to get the non- mobile version of devart on my ipod, and after being very patient, here I am.) Anyways, whenever I would comment on my ipod, it would never show up, so I shall wait until I have a computer again.

[ Cut story: unimportant babbling ]

In other news, I don't have any other news. Fail.

Okay, I'm done pouting about my feelings, cuz I know you don't care.
Love Ya,

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Thu Feb 18, 2010, 9:06 AM, this journal is not mini. Well, actually, it might be. I'm not sure, because I haven't actually written it yet.

Anyways, mini. I don't know what this journal is going to be about, but it is Thursday morning, and I'm in my pj's and have no plans for the rest of my day, so here I am... wasting time. I have AP World History and Photography homework to do... and I have some pretty sweet lighting websites I've been studying... but staying inside my house, on the computer all day wears me out. I need adventure. I need... *sigh* a car and a license. You see, my mom is really good about gas money. Here's the deal, if we do errands for her we get gas money. I've asked her why (and why I do that, idk..) but she said "My time is valuable." So, there you go, I want a car to do errands. I wanna go somewhere. And, yes, Wal-mart is fine.

Okay, now I'm complaining. I shall stop now.

Hmm... what else to talk about? What else? What else?
I don't have anything else to talk about.
I'm texting my friend Keri right now. She's good if you were wondering.
This journal is an epic fail.
Kinda like my theater production script! Yay! Fail script!
I don't know what to write about!
I have always been the kid who could do math or write an amazing research paper, but creative writing... yea... not my area of expertise. I love visual arts and have seen many plays, and have read many stories... but writing... yea... and we can pick a play, but... that's *sigh*... not what I'm going to do. I can't decide if it is going to be serious or funny, and if it is serious, will the audience be able to handle it? Will everyone in the play just become depressed by the topic? and then if it were to be funny... gosh... I'm not funny. I'm not a comedian. I don't know what is funny. I laugh at everything. I hate laughing at everything, but it just... happens. So, yea, idk what to do. If you have any ideas, please, please, share with me. I'm stuck in a puddle to big that idk where it starts.
So, yea, this is my bored journal. It isn't very deep. Sorry 'bout that. I'm just going to meander from my computer, up to my room, back down to the computer, and so on.
I hope you have an effective day filled with.... important stuff.
Yup, so now I'm going to say adios and leave you with some of my recent favorites. Please fav and comment. They deserve it. :aww:


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Crashed + Feature + omg it saved!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 14, 2010, 2:50 PM
Don't you just hate it when you have a long journal typed and your computer crashes? Yup, so do I.

and I'm not going to type it all again.

Well, here is a feature instead:

Sleeping School Buses by ldontheedge Inside the Chocolate Cake by demizzz Brothers by GestianPoet21 :thumb152651228: :thumb150867908: :thumb149719482: :thumb106523776: cue, go by intoxxicating 'Hello, Dolly' Light Design by DGolden March of La Mancha by Minniemohner Orange Lighting State by bigbird363 iGIR by firestar21 EXPLOSION OF NICKTOONS by firestar21 Life is a Cookie Print Edition by fuzzydemon :thumb151410599: Cinderella Pin-Up Style by madmoiselleclau The Little Mermaid by madmoiselleclau Phalangeeeeeees by aluminumcandy :thumb110587859: Black ballerina by gsdark Univers by luminatii


It saved it!!! It saved my story!!!
You may read it now!
Commence Journal:

I did it! I thanked you all! Haha... took me long enough, right?

I am currently on winter break from school, and plan to do some photography, drawing, and script writing. Yay, art! Wait. Script writing? Yup. I'm taking a class and in order to pass I must write a play (or be lazy and pick one, but I'm not lazy :p ). It is a deeply personal play and I'm worried about what people may learn about me and how they will view me after I'm done, so I may change my story and plot (again) in order to protect myself. However, what is art without the artist? I'm not sure if I can actually create a good play if I don't open myself up at least a little. [After re-reading that, I'm not sure how much of a coherent, complete thought that was, teehee. 0_o ] And the drawing... well... I will not be posting any of that. Why? Because I'm pretty sure you enjoy seeing and would like you to keep that. :D (a.k.a. I suck! ) Then why draw? [There I go talking to myself, again.] Cuz it is a therapy, kinda. Well, it used to be. Some write (I used to), some write music (me= fail), and others create a visual piece of art. I used to think I could draw, so when my life wasn't going so well, drawing gave me a type of redemption. It doesn't work anymore, but yea... so I don't answer why, did I? I'm not sure why I draw. The end.

Okay, next I have to talk about something that really, really made me mad. So, first of all, aren't parents supposed to tell you to follow your dreams, instead of crushing them like a bug? Yes? Okay, I thought so. Well, I'm not sure what I want to go to college for, because I enjoy a lot of things, and I'm good at a lot of things. But, I don't want to go into a job that I'm already good at, because I want to keep learning and improving throughout my entire career. This is why a mathematical career would not work for me, even though I'm really good at math. One of my current interests is theater, but i'm not sure if I want to go into it as a career, due to the instability and other reasons, but I applied for a shadowing at a local theater during the next National Tour. Sounds like a plan, right? Not. I went home all excited to be getting the process started and I told my mom and she says, "Hmm, maybe you should shadow a real job." WTF?! That pissed me off. It is a real job, and her not wanting me to do it, makes me want to push harder. So, yes, that is what mad me mad. Have your parents ever done that?

I'm done (again)


I apologize...

Wed Feb 10, 2010, 4:31 PM
...for not thanking you as I have in the past. I have 40 activity messages and haven't thanked one of them. I will get to it, eventually, but I feel bad, because you guys take the time to look at my art and favorite it or watch me for future deviations. So, a formal apology is in order. I'm sorry for not acknowledging you when I really should be. Thank you to everyone who has favorited, collected, watched, or even viewed my art. I become a better artist with every favorite and comment.

Next order of business: Poetry
So, a while ago I took down all of my poetry pieces, because I was sick of whining about my life and wasting everyone else's time while they read my shit poetry. But, here is my question to you... was it really shit, or did you actually enjoy reading it? I don't want to put anything up here that I don't like, but I have been considering writing again, and wanted to know if there is even a chance that it will be worth it.

More thoughts:
I'm also thinking about doing a '100 themes' challenge. I have had one saved to my computer for a while now, and have been pondering whether to do it. Have you ever done one? Do you want to do one together? Any suggestions for one? I have this one right now:
1. Introduction
2. Love
3. Light
4. Dark
5. Seeking Solace
6. Break Away
7. Heaven
8. Innocence
9. Drive
10. Breathe Again
11. Memory
12. Insanity
13. Misfortune
14. Smile
15. Silence
16. Questioning
17. Blood
18. Rainbow
19. Gray
20. Cookies
21. Vacation
22. Mother Nature
23. Cat
24. Orly?
25. Trouble Lurking
26. Tears
27. Foreign
28. Sorrow
29. Happiness
30. Under the Rain
31. Flowers
32. Night
33. Expectations
34. Stars
35. Hold My Hand
36. Precious Treasure
37. Eyes
38. Abandoned
39. Dreams
40. Rated
41. Teamwork
42. Standing Still
43. Dying
44. Two Roads
45. Illusion
46. Family
47. Creation
48. Childhood
49. Stripes
50. Breaking the Rules
51. Sport
52. Deep in Thought
53. Keeping a Secret
54. Tower
55. Waiting
56. Danger Ahead
57. Sacrifice
58. Kick in the Head
59. No Way Out
60. Rejection
61. Fairy Tale
62. Magic
63. Do Not Disturb
64. Multitasking
65. Horror
66. Traps
67. Playing the Melody
68. Hero
69. Annoyance
70. 67%
71. Obsession
72. Mischief Managed
73. I Can't
74. Are You Challenging Me?
75. Mirror
76. Broken Pieces
77. Test
78. Drink
79. Starvation
80. Words
81. Pen and Paper
82. Can You Hear Me?
83. Heal
84. Out Cold
85. Spiral
86. Seeing Red
87. Food
88. Pain
89. Through the Fire
90. Triangle
91. Drowning
92. All That I Have
93. Give Up
94. Last Hope
95. Advertisement
96. In the Storm
97. Safety First
98. Puzzle
99. Solitude
100. Relaxation

What do you think? Can I do it?

That is all that I have to say right now.

Okay, no it is not.

Go Check out GestianPoet21 because she gave me this huge amazing feature and I would like to return the favor.
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oh noes!

Sun Jan 24, 2010, 1:29 PM
I'm so sorry I haven't been on very much. So very busy lately :(
Love You Guys!
The End.